Couple Counselling

When Couples face problems in their relationship it can feel distressing and upsetting to both parties. As a couple you may be experiencing feelings of betrayal, anger, hurt and shame which can result in a prevailing sense of failure. This can be a very isolating experience and you may find yourselves unsure how to find a way through these feelings. Difficulties in communicating with each other can further hinder the healing process or the process of separating and ending in a way that feels safe.

Couple Counselling focuses on the relationship and it is your relationship that is the client. At Portsmouth Therapy Partnership we offer you a safe therapeutic space, where you will be able to explore and talk about the problems and challenges you are facing in your relationship.

Couple Counselling works for Couples who are looking to find ways to move forward in their relationship as well as those couples who are looking to find a way of ending their relationship in the best way possible. Whether you have experienced a minor problem in your relationship or what feels like an insurmountable issue, Couple Counselling can be a beneficial way to achieving the clarity you need in order to find the right direction for your relationship.

All of our Counsellors who work with couples have had specialised training in the area of couple work.

Therapists offering Couple Counselling: Shirley Baxter, Karin Davidson


  • The easiest way is to contact the Counsellor of your choice is via their individual page Karin, Shirley




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